November 15, 2009

Totally Awesome Fly Out To Cedar Key, Florida


From the very first second when I rotated the nose of my Cessna 172 toward the sky - I knew life would never be the same.

As I was on final approach to Cedar Key Airport this weekend I noticed I was totally comfortable, relaxed and completely in control of the Cessna 172 with 4 souls aboard. Oh how times have changed! Four years ago I joined a group of pilots and made Cedar Key my first flight after earning my Private Pilot Certificate. Not only was it my first "real" trip, the weather was less than perfect, the runway looked more like a golf cart path, I was scared to death and second guessing everything. I shouldn't have been. It's always tough when we begin a journey like learning to fly, but the step-by-step, one hour at a time training we are given more than prepares us to take on the adventure. As they say, the training just kicks in. Life is that that way - and when we stay in the game, day-by-day, keep improving 1% at a time, eventually we arrive at the place we've always dreamed. This weekend I arrived. I simply flew to Cedar Key and enjoyed the entire experience. This weekend... I felt like a Pilot for the first time... and it felt great. Just remember... in life just like in flying... as long as we keep the shiny side up and our face into the wind... things usually work out okay.
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