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Why Vitabot Is My #1 Choice for MTM'ers

A Note From Scott

We've been looking for the best online meal planning service for over two years and when I met the guys at VitaBot a year ago - I knew I had found it.

VitaBot is simple and allows you to not only plan your meals that meet your needs - VitaBot uses government nutrition standards to help you create a nutritionally balanced plan with just a few clicks of your mouse.

And to make it even easier - you'll also find thousands of pre-planned meals ready for you to get start with right away.

So check out the video demonstration below and see how Vitabot can help you achieve your goals today. I think you'll like what you see!

- Scott Smith
Chief Motivating Officer & Founder

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Lose Weight & Manage Your Diet With Easy Tools

Stay Accountable With Food Journals

Using the basic Vitabot food search, you'll have access to the entire United States government database of nutritional information, which you can record every day. Simple "Copy" and "Paste" tools allows for frequently repeated meals.

Get Instant Feedback & Customized Suggestions

Get instant feedback on your food choices with the patent pending grading system and receive customized recommendations based on your favorite foods.

Track Goals with Easy-To-Read Graphs

Set and Track any goals, including exercise goals, body measurements, heart rate, or even your daily mood!

Choose from Thousands of Pre-Planned Meal Plans

For a quick start, you can use and modify thousands of top meal plans created by other Vitabot users with your same needs.

Save Your Favorites

To save time, just save your favorite meals and reference them anytime for easy planning.

Add Your Recipes

Like to make your own foods? Vitabot helps you keep track of healthy recipes and their nutritional content. Now with 1 click you can track all the ingredients in your favorite homemade dish!

Enter Custom Foods

Use the Custom Food feature to enter and save the nutritional information of any unique foods that may not already exist database.

Print & Go! With Custom Shopping Lists

To make sure your fridge is stocked up with healthy food, just use the "Shopping List" feature to automatically generate a custom shopping list based on your specific meal plan.

Learn The Nuts & Bolts Of Your Nutrition

Take complete control of your diet by learning the eye-opening nutrition standards from the "Institute of Medicine" article archive, included with your Vitabot purchase.

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