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Need Motivation... To get YOUR life moving?

Have you ever experienced that excited feeling that comes with believing that anything is possible?

There is just something magical about imagining yourself making more money, traveling more, purchasing a new home, landing your dream job, losing weight and getting in shape, enjoying every weekend with your family - the possibilities are endless!

Then... Life Gets In The Way

The days pass... you run your routine… and you find yourself right back in the same old rut you’ve been in for years. Your goals, dreams and ambitions all back on the shelf for another day… another year. You’re not alone by the way, it happens to everybody… until you figure out how to take control of your life.

Welcome to Motivation To Move

Motivation To Move was founded by Scott Smith on the simple concept that Life Begins When You Move!

Starting in 2005 as a fitness podcast on iTunes, staying healthy and fit is still a HUGE part of our commitment to you… because it’s very personal.

Now 6,000 motivational programs later, Motivation To Move has expanded to boost your success in all areas of your life: Personal Development, Fitness, & and Business and Career.

We know that no matter what you desire in life, day-to-day stresses like bosses, money, spouses, traffic, and life WILL beat you down and somebody needs to pick you up, dust you off, inspire your dreams, and support you while you make the journey.

That's why we created our 9 minute daily motivation and transformational programs - cutting edge motivational teaching designed to help you make the most of you life... and fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

NOBODY gives you more motivation… NOBODY gives you more inspiration… and NOBODY give you more tools to keep you motivated every day of your life.


In today's fast-paced world, nobody has time to spend hours every day trying to learn and stay motivated - which is exactly why our 9 minute Daily Success Coaching are such a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Leveraging our massive radio experience, our short, fun, upbeat and very motivating daily programs are JAMMED with amazing personal development information. It's like we've ripped the motivation out of the best self-help books and expensive seminar rooms and topped it off with our brand of amazingly original, totally effective, and highly successful motivation, inspiration, strategies and life hacks.

Our 9 minute daily motivation programs will put you on a direct pathway to success - ALL in only 9 minutes!

Daily Success Coaching and Motivation

Are You Ready To Get Moving?

The Daily Boost

9 minute success coaching • weekdays

Life gets in the way for all us, and our daily motivational podcasts are a powerful way to on keep moving - starting with The Daily Boost!

This 9-minute podcast is packed with amazing insight, strategies, and tools that you can use right now!

Fun, upbeat, sincere, and downright eye opening, The Daily Boost covers what’s important to you: Happiness, Relationships, Family, Communication Skills, Stress, Making Money, Law of Attraction and more!

The Fitness Boost

9 minute success coaching • weekdays

“Getting Fit One Day at a Time” is the goal of The Fitness Boost and it will quickly become your daily exercise buddy.

The Fitness Boost is a fun and upbeat program that features both a male and female point of view, and is all about helping you make healthy living a part of your life every day… no matter what get’s in your way!

The Business Boost

9 minute success coaching • weekdays

The ULTIMATE in Business, Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurship motivation!

You've just found the ONLY place in the world that give you world-class strategies, insight and all the motivation you need WHILE you your are in the trenches every day!

On your way to a sales call? Need to close the deal? Look for negotiating strategies? The Business Boost is your new secret weapon!

The MTM Insider

30 minute success coaching • weekends

Weekends are made for getting out of the office, out of the gym and having fun with friends and family - and that’s exactly what The MTM Insider Show is all about.

Scott and Joi Smith host this community centered show that digs deep into topics that we can’t fit into our 9-minute shows, or those of interest to our members.

Grab it Saturday morning, listen while you do your chores or hit the trail, and we’ll keep you motivated all weekend long!

You want results now right?

When you join MotivationToMove.com, not only do you get your daily motivational programs to condition your mind with daily, positive and actionable ideas to help you with daily concerns and while you create the life of your dreams, you also get our amazing transformational programs for the change you want NOW!

Included in your MotivationToMove.com Membership are two amazing coaching programs that give you the power to change your life INSTANTLY. These premium programs are offered at no additional charge with your membership. (Or... you can buy them separately for $491 if you prefer)

Face Your Passion

personal development program • 6 monthly modules

The first program you’ll get your hands on is Face Your Passion - a structured step-by-step coaching program that will help you discover who you really are find out what drives you.

You'll learn how to set goals, clear clutter and organize your life. You'll get clarity on what you really want... and we'll show you how to transition from your current life... to the life of your dreams.

Face Your Passion is a 6-Module video and audio program that including curriculum, homework and live coaching.

Start Moving Stay Moving

30-Day Weight Loss & Fitness Program

If you want to lose weight, get in shape, establish new habits, and create an entirely new lifestyle - Start Moving Stay Moving will give you the QUICK and LASTING results you desire!

This 30-day program includes over 60 daily coaching sessions as well as weekend bonus programs that will really help you burn the fat. We’re literally with you every step of the way. Imagine have TWO Certified Personal Trainers and Life Coaching Experts in all aspects of weight loss, fitness, exercises, nutrition in your ear pulling you along…encourage you to keep moving… and cheering you every step of way!

A glimpse at what others have experienced...

I've studied all sorts of personal development material... but even though I "know" all that stuff, I always had trouble applying it into my life. Scott's programs help unleash all this potential I've been storing up. But the biggest help is having these great nudges every single day. I'm starting to see a real difference in the way I look at my own goals and make them a reality. - Steve

My Monday's are so much better now that I have the Daily Boost to fall back on! It puts such a huge smile on my face at the start of the week.. and of course teaches me in an indirect way to remain focused during the week! I sit down on Sunday nights to 'do my homework' and the podcast helps me to remain on top of things as well as keeping me on track. Thank you for your week-long motivation. - Dave

Scott, I really think you are an inspiration to "regular people" out there like me who need a little coaching to get through the day-to-day grind. I have taken your advice to heart and now share it with friends and loved ones in my life who need a little coaching. Thank you, Scott. I will forever be grateful to you for coaching me through a difficult time in my life and helping me appreciate the journey, not just the destination. - Jamie

I get up at 4:30am each day and the first thing I do is download the Daily Boost to wake me up! ... I listen to programs multiple times and keep reaping the benefits, so I feel like the cost of the Membership is a huge bargain for all it provides. Thanks for being there! - Elizabeth F.

I have really been enjoying all your shows and found that they really resonate with me. I'm someone who is trying to improve my life in general which fits perfectly with both your fitness and personal development aspects. You have helped motivate me to work out consistently for the first time in my life. Keep up the good work guys! - Arienne

I really enjoyed being a Premium member and have lost 20 pounds in the last 3 1/2 months. Thanks for all your help and encouragement. This program really works! - Deborah